Want to improve your chances to play in college?

If you are like most athletes with the dream to play in college you are already working hard at your game. I’m sure you are putting many hours into your technical and tactical skills as well as improving your fitness level. Some of you may be working with special outside coaches too . But there’s another important area that you may be missing…..

Working with college athletes and talking with their coaches has given me many opportunities to study key areas where athletes struggle and what coaches are looking for in their starters. Often players come to me puzzled why they did not make the team or why someone of equal or less skill is starting ahead of them….Why is that?

This difference many times has nothing to do with the athlete’s technical, tactical or physical abilities. It comes down to their “inner game.” They lack the mental skills and strategies that good players have and practice to consistently perform at a high level.

Starting next week you can learn about 3 key mental strategies for college success.

Whether you are an athlete or a coach preparing your players for the next level.. These articles will give you key mental strategies to help you make the team and also be a better student and teammate.

Coming next week: Success Strategy #1: The Positive Winner’s Mindset”




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