Everyone who got where they are, started where they were.

Coach Gary has nearly a half century experience teaching and coaching people on how to perform mentally when faced with adversity. He offers group sessions that incorporate props, formulas, visual cues, sayings, worksheets, videos, stories and sharing real game experiences. Team sessions are conducted at your field, classroom, or office. Travel expenses will be added for sessions outside of the New York Metropolitan Area.

Peak Performance Team Building

In our Peak Performance sessions, we talk about the things we can and can’t control as a team, how we manage adversity and level of arousal, and focus on staying in the moment.

In team-building sessions, we usually begin with understanding goal setting. This includes the “why,” “what,”and “how” the team works as a corporate body. This is an important foundation for confidence and mental toughness. We incorporate individual and team goal setting and explore “team mentoring.”

Our active team building sessions can be tailored for the classroom, field, or court. During our sessions, we use props, stories, formulas and visual cues to teach each team member how to maintain a positive attitude and good mental focus for team balance. We will dig into the team personalities and discuss the stages a team goes through. Through interactive games and problem solving we discuss trust, communication, each player’s role and accountability.

The Importance of Team Culture

We work closely with coaches and parents to educate them on what it takes to develop team culture. We suggest activities, events, practice-related sessions that help to insure a good team bond and increase longevity of the program. Our goal is to empower the team to reach a basic level of self-evaluation.

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