“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Most Coaches are extremely knowledgeable and comfortable training their athletes on  the technical,  tactical and physical parts of their sport. Many coaches struggle with  the psychological or  mental  skills training which is really  the “roof” supporting  the other three.

As a member of the New York Red Bulls coaching team, Gary has honed his skills providing training sessions for professional soccer coaches on various topics.

Gary takes this experience and offers training for coaches on how to build mental skills strategies into valuable practice time. Coaches come away with practical strategies and drills to help athletes improve overcoming obstacles, letting go of mistakes, and improve confidence, focus, and composure. Gary empowers coaches with all the tools to train the body with the mind so that athletes can achieve peak performance.

Gary also offers sessions geared to parents and their role in youth sports. Many parents do not recognize the difference between being a “supportive parent” and becoming their child’s “sports agent.” During these sessions, we focus on sportsmanship, playing time, age appropriate level of commitment, sports specialization, overuse injuries, and ways to empower student athletes. Parents walk away with a realistic look at the road map to sports performance, scholarship, and ultimately, what it’s like to be a collegiate student athlete.

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