Here are some insight questions to help you identify how you do your best when it matters the most.

  • During competition school, or work, how do you react to adversity?
  • Do you wish you had more confidence?
  • Is staying focused difficult?
  • Do you ever wonder before a game starts how you will play?

The GOOD News is that no matter how you answered these questions, you can learn how to overcome any obstacle through mental training!

Take the 2007 Ramsey High School Boys Soccer Group 2 State Champions.  With great team effort and mental conditioning sessions, Ramsey, for the first time in the school’s 100-year history, not only won the state sectionals but won the State Championship. Ramsey was Sectional State Champs again in 2009 and Conference Champs 2010.

So, whether you are an individual player, a team, coach, student or business person; whether it is an issue with letting go of mistakes, confidence or focus we have varied strategies  that can  work for you.

Bear in mind and know our strategies are not a quick fix and just like the  technical skills of any sport they must be practiced consistently to be effective.

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