Thought of the Day (4284) August 15, 2023

“Slow down and stop treating your life like it’s on a timer. Divine timing is always on time.” ~ Billy Chapata I am grateful for: What shows up today

Thought of the Day (4281) August 10, 2023

“Honor the memories of the people you miss by embracing life and enjoying the gifts that today brings.” ~ Steve Gilbert i am grateful for: The space right here… right…

Thought of the Day (4279) August 8, 2023

“Positivity is like a boomerang. The more you put it out there the more it comes back to you.” – Jon Gordon I am grateful for: the choice of how…

Thought of the Day (4278) August 7, 2023

“The easiest way to shift your mind from “can’t” to “can” is to change the way you talk to yourself.” I am grateful for a great Day in the ADK’s

Thought of the Day (4277) August 4, 2023

“Even a negative situation still holds the potential to produce a positive purpose.” ~ Craig Groeschel i am grateful for: Seeing all the Guys and catching up

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