Thought of the Day (3596) June 19, 2020

“Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen.” ~ Horace Mann I am grateful for:…

Thought of the Day (3592) June 15,2020

“Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity.” ~ Roy T. Bennett I am grateful for: This morning’s cloud formations and colors

Thought of the Day (3591) June 12, 2020

“It’s become apparent that we’re all either directors, actors, extras or spectators in the theatre of life.” ~ The Daily Coach I am grateful for: this day ..this moment ……

Thought of the Day (3590) June 11, 2020

“Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.” ~ David G. Allen I am grateful for: Those who…

Thought of the Day (3588) June 9, 2020

“Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr. I am grateful for: Morning calm

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