3 Key Strategies for Your Success at the College Level


Success Strategy #1 :

The Positive Winners Mindset”

Do you want to get to that next level and or play in college ?

How do you want coaches and new teammates to respond to you?

What do you have to know to perform better under intense pressure?


Learn the strategies of a positive winners mindset .


Let’s break it down by starting with the word positive…as in your attitude.

First a little self assessment: Ask yourself and reflect on these questions?

  • How would your attitude be the first day of practice with new teammates?

And could your attitude change once the team starters were picked depending on the outcome?

  • How would your attitude be if a coach put you in a different position or put you with the much weaker part of the team vs the stronger players?
  • Could you be the type of player that would be in the coaches office once a week complaining and bugging why you’re not starting? …OR…

One asking the coach what you need to do to improve to help the team succeed?

  • Are you the type who would feel entitled to a spot on the team because you were the star in high school ? …OR …

Have the attitude of “whatever role coach needs me to play on this team I’ll do it.”

  • How consistent is your attitude ?

Are you balanced and steady … OR… are you like a roller coaster.

One minute “up”… the next “down” ?

  • How’s your attitude outside of practice or when the coaches aren’t watching? 

I hope the questions above got you zeroing in on your attitude.

There is nothing that is going to make you more successful in your sport, in the classroom or in your life than a positive attitude”


The level of competition and the college schedule is always mentally and physically demanding with out adding more negativity by YOU being a “Negative Nancy” or “Donny Downer “.

College coaches want athletes with positive attitudes. Trust me, their jobs are tough enough and if you are a nuisance or a complainer you will hurt your chances even if you are a very good player. Great coaches recognize it is the small details in their players (like attitude) that can make or break their team culture. Players with great attitudes are “builder uppers” and help strenthen the culture rather than being a “breaker downer.”


Remember: Attitude is a choice…

YOU get to choose how you see everything that happens to you.


How DO YOU see it?

problem or possibility?

obstacle or opportunity?

frustrated or fascinated?

breakdown or breakthrough?


Another part is your mindset;

High level coaches want players with open minds willing to try new ideas and techniques. Players with a winning mindset realize they don’t know it all and just because they did something 1,000 times one way before doesn’t mean they will stop looking for better ways. (Versus) Others who would say, “ That’s the way I have always done it. Why do I have to change now?” With a winning mindset, players are consistently wanting to learn. The learning transmits into deliberate daily practice working to get better. This type of player is never satisfied with the level he/she has attained.

The last important part is to combine that mindset with desire to win. Winners want to compete as hard in practice never wanting to back down even if teammates are asking to go easy. Coaches can always spot winners they know that consistent intensity in practice will usually show up in big games. The winning mindset type players ‘walk the walk’ staying after practice to help teammates and work on weaknesses to improve. They accept comments from the coaches not as criticism but as feedback. Feedback is the breakfast of champions. And winners never really lose …they learn. They work to get better for the next time.

I wish you continue success in pursuing your dreams. It is my hope you will adopt

a “positive winning mindset not just for your sport but in all parts of your life.


Coach Gary


Stay tuned: For Key Strategy #2

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